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Apply for a grant

We only accept applications via our online application portal. 

You will need to register for an account, which will allow you to return to and edit your application at any stage before submission.

Apply for a Rapid Response Grant NOW by clicking one of the links below.

The people and projects we will fund are:

Young adult male holding a black and white football in the foreground. Three young adults appear out of focus in the background.
A group of friends placing their fists into circle. Image is taken from below to show fists in circle and faces
Community Garden

Socially or economically underprivileged children or young people

Mental health charities and initiatives

Charitable or community projects, local to one of Focus Group’s regional offices in the UK

Grant criteria

  • The charity or community group must support one of the three core pillars

  • Charitable or community-based projects should be located close to one of the Focus Group offices. Offices are situated in Turo, Exeter, Portsmouth, Shoreham, Basingstoke, Bristol, Merthyr Tydfil, Witney, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Birmingham, Manchester, Derby, Carlisle, Melrose, Glasgow and Inverness.

  • The charity or community group needs to have an annual income of less than £2m

  • The grant should be for a tangible project with clear and measurable benefits

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