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We’ve been busy fundraising, grant-giving, volunteering and difference making. Read on to find out more about what we’ve been up to lately…

Creating a lasting impact with SAFE Foundation's group therapy

Childhood trauma affects over 8.4m people [1] in the UK. SAFE Foundation, one of the leading domestic abuse recovery organisations based in Devon, has over five decades of experience in domestic abuse support services and are innovating the approaches to trauma recovery through therapy, training, and research.

SAFE Foundation approached us asking for help to fund their group therapeutic work, which goes beyond short-term crisis intervention to address the therapeutic and service needs of children and young adults.

Our grant enabled SAFE Foundation to build on their whole-family programme, Flourishing Families, by expanding the offer to deliver group therapeutic support to 20 child survivors of domestic abuse and violence, who had complex mental health challenges.

Lucy Skye, programme development lead and therapist responded: “A huge thanks to you and the Foundation for your support over the last year. We're incredibly grateful for the opportunity this gave us to explore our group programme in more depth and are really excited by the positive outcomes achieved by our young people.”

As a result of the programme the following project outcomes were monitored [2]:

• 92% improved emotional well-being and resilience

• 90% improved mental health

• 95% improved relationships and relationship choices

• 93% increased communication skills

• 97% stronger, more resilient, family bond including with wider family members

• 90% decrease in negative behaviours, including offending behaviour

• 85% reduction in medium and long-term agency support

• 89% increased achievement and progress with education and employment

• 100% greater understanding of domestic violence

• 93% improved sense of self and identity

• 90% reduced crime and antisocial behaviour

SAFE Foundation reported that their ‘group work has seen successful implementation, with results showing that children and families experience increased resources and stability with which to progress and are empowered to face their challenges and move towards positive outcomes.’ [2]

We wish the Lucy and the team all the very best for the continuation of their vital work.

To discover more about the charity visit:

Focus Foundation awarded a grant of £6,990 for the Flourishing Families Groupwork Project.


[2] Flourishing Families Groupwork Project Report June 2023

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