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The latest application window is now closed

The portal will re-open for applications 1 Sept 2023.  If you would like to get in touch, please email us on


When do we hold our Grant Committee meetings?

Dates vary, but typically they are mid-February, mid-July, and the end of September.

Do we close the portal for incoming grant applications?

Yes, we may close the portal to assess incoming applications or if our funding is low.

What is the average grant amount?

Most grants range from £2,000 to £8,000.

If successful, how soon after will I be informed and receive the grant?

We aim to inform you and issue the paperwork and funds within 4 weeks of the Grant Committee meeting.

Can I reapply for a grant? If so, when?

Yes, you can reapply once your current project has ended, usually after one year.

Does the Focus Foundation have an application deadline for its online application portal?

No, but we typically stop assessing new applications 4 weeks before a Grant Committee meeting.

What are some ways we can collaborate with the Foundation?

As part of our mission we pride ourselves on building relationships with the charities we work with and are always looking for ways to support and assist them. Please do let us know about volunteer opportunities or events. We may also be able to introduce you to other charities to collaborate and strengthen the output of our grant. 

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