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We’ve been busy fundraising, grant-giving, volunteering and difference making. Read on to find out more about what we’ve been up to lately…

ESTEEM welcomes their Creative Collective to support creative young adults

ESTEEM, a youth charity based in Sussex, collaborates with young adults aged 14-26, providing them with a nurturing environment to flourish. Through a range of social activities, work experiences, well-being programs, and mentoring opportunities, they offer invaluable support—and all completely free of charge. Additionally, attendees can enjoy complimentary meals in their newly renovated kitchen. Around 200 young adults benefit from ESTEEM's services annually, with many finding solace in the free counselling sessions offered.

The fruition of projects or initiatives we support may sometimes take time. The Creative Collective at ESTEEM, a brainchild nurtured for a year, has finally come to life, thanks to individuals like Aidan Giles, who has personally experienced the benefits of ESTEEM's services. We’re delighted to report that the new Creative Collective suite can now provide young adults in Shoreham and the surrounding areas access to cutting-edge equipment, fostering their creativity. From podcast recording to graphic design, attendees can explore various artistic avenues previously accessible only to a privileged few.

The Focus Foundation team were looking forward to visiting the suite following our grant* and enjoyed a tour last week to discover its offerings. As a result ESTEEM's team deserves commendation for repurposing a room in their historic school building to benefit so many young adults - it really is fantastic. We'll look forward to witnessing the exciting developments that will come out of the project. So watch this space!

Andy Nall-Cain, Youth Led Campaigns and Communications Manager commented: Thanks so much again to the Focus Foundation for your support in making it possible for ESTEEM to offer an inspiring and welcoming space for creative young adults in the community. It's already been amazing seeing the impact of the space and equipment on the young adults we work with.

To learn more about the charity or to provide young adults with opportunities for creative skill development through mentoring or work experience, please contact Andy Nall-Cain.

Image from left to right: Louise Shara-Mattock, Fundraising Manager, Gregor, attendee, Andy Nall-Cain, Youth Led Campaigns and Communications Manager.

 *Focus Foundation provided a grant of £10,100 to Esteem to fund the Creative Collective suite.

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