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We’ve been busy fundraising, grant-giving, volunteering and difference making. Read on to find out more about what we’ve been up to lately…

Reconnecting youth by fostering strong connections with the outdoors

It is known that the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic have had a ‘disastrous’ impact on young individuals, leading to a significant decline in their happiness and confidence. Various hardships faced by young people encompass deteriorating mental and physical health, as well as substantial learning setbacks that experts believe will inevitably influence their prospects.

The Birch Collective is a unique social enterprise that was founded in response to the sense of acute isolation many people experienced whilst social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The charity's fundamental conviction is that the prevailing sense of isolation among individuals could be effectively counter balanced by fostering strong connections with the natural world. Their aim is to achieve this by encouraging people to engage in a community where they share a passion for the outdoors and participate in a diverse offering of practical activities. These activities range from traditional crafts and handwork to ecologically sensitive practices like food growing and conservation techniques.

When The Birch Collective approached us for funding* of a new woodworking shelter, we were only too happy to oblige. We were so impressed by their passion for creating activities and experiences that are accessible to young people in the Bristol area, no matter what their background or experience and particularly if they were finding traditional mental health support inaccessible.

Simply put they are a brilliant initiative and we wish them all the success in the future!

For more information on the charity visit:

*Focus Foundation awarded a grant of £4,935 to The Birch Collective.


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