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We’ve been busy fundraising, grant-giving, volunteering and difference making. Read on to find out more about what we’ve been up to lately…

Firing-up young minds: Table Talk Foundation's inspiring food education initiative

Charities make a huge difference in our communities every day. Most go under the radar for their work and yet they touch the lives of many.

One such charity is Table Talk Foundation who provide food education and an insight into the hospitality industry to young children in the local community.

Focus Foundation’s grant funded three food education courses in Sussex schools and the team went along to St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Shoreham to meet Chef John McManus who was hosting one of the specially designed courses.

In the initial one-hour segment, the children were introduced to various food groups and were provided with a tasting plate to explore and engage their sensory perceptions. This experience proved to be both educational and highly enjoyable for all participants (especially the slice of lemon and ginger jelly!). In the following second and third segments of the course, the children will acquire knife skills, and they will have the exciting opportunity to spend a day at Plumpton College, where they will be invited to prepare their own meals.

Chef John McManus, affiliated with the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts initiative known as Adopt a School Trust, has established a longstanding partnership with Table Talk. His journey began at a tender age at school when he witnessed a chef expertly flambéing a crepe before his very eyes. The intense heat and mesmerizing flames ignited a passion within him, setting him on the path to a lifelong career in the culinary world.

Our special thanks to St Peter’s Catholic Primary School for letting us join Year 4 and see for ourselves this brilliant community led project in action!

Each donation made goes towards connecting communities and changing lives.

For further information visit:

*Focus Foundation awarded a grant of £2,700 to Table Talk Foundation.


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