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We’ve been busy fundraising, grant-giving, volunteering and difference making. Read on to find out more about what we’ve been up to lately…

Spring update: The latest round of grants revealed following our 2024 Winter Ball fundraiser

Updated: Apr 16

Thanks to the tremendous success of our Winter Ball in February, we have been in a position to address several grant requests. Consequently, we are thrilled to announce that, following our recent grant committee meeting, we have been able to award grants to the charitable organisations' listed below.

Join us in spotlighting the following charities, and we will share more about their brilliant community projects and initiatives over the course of the next six months:

  • BAND a charity based in Bristol for the provision of childcare, will receive £1,417 to deliver a training course on Makaton for participants who work with children with SEN (Special Educational Needs).

  • Mindful Art Club, Devon, has been awarded £1,691 to provide three months of art classes for socially isolated individuals.

  • Exeter Community Initiatives based in Devon, who build connections and improve wellbeing, will receive £5,000 to fund the ‘Hear my Voice’ project to provide child-led support sessions.

  • Clarity, Devon, requested a grant of £5,880 to provide themed group therapy sessions over and above their existing counselling sessions.

  • Dartmoor Search & Rescue will receive £8,000 to provide specially coded bags for their search and rescue teams.

  • Dame Kelly Holmes Trust has been granted £5,500 to deliver their On Track For Wellbeing mentoring programme in the Manchester area.

  • The Paul Lavelle Foundation, Lancashire, now has £5,940 to provide 120 hours of therapy for young people who have witnessed domestic abuse.

  • Grassroots Suicide Prevention, who provide National coverage, will use their grant of £5,850 to provide training for 200 people including Focus Group staff in suicide prevention.

  • Loud n Proud, Scotland’s premier youth music organisation based in Glasgow has been granted £1,462 for multiple pairs of new headphones and other musical equipment.

  • Eat Sleep Ride in Melrose will use their grant of £6,570 to refurbish two on-site yurts which will be used by attendees of the centre who are seeking solace and support with their wellbeing.

  • Cradle Hill a community primary school based in Sussex has been awarded £13,345 to fund the build of an outside area dedicated for their children who have SEN needs.

  • Moulscoomb Forest Garden, in Sussex, will use their grant of £3,500 to create a new area for community cooking and to ensure that the garden is made more accessible to those with mobility issues.

  • Holding Space who offer parent/ carer peer support to families whose children are struggling with their mental health has been awarded £6,532 to provide a 6 week navigating tweens and teens course for attendees.

  • The As You Are Centre, provides affordable counselling and group work for depression, stress and anxiety for people living in East and West Sussex. Our grant of £3,998 will provide 32 clients with 24 1:1 counselling sessions.

  • Team Domenica, Sussex, gives a future for young people with learning difficulties. A grant of £7,806 will now provide 8 months of enrichment activities for workplace confidence.

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