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We’ve been busy fundraising, grant-giving, volunteering and difference making. Read on to find out more about what we’ve been up to lately…

Transforming young lives through music: Our visit to East Paisley's inspiring School of Rock

Updated: Jul 8

Following the recent Scottish Golf Day, our team had the pleasure of visiting a wonderfully lively charity in the heart of East Paisley that's transforming the lives of young people by offering them a chance to join their School of Rock! Thanks to our grant, which funded the music studio microphones and related equipment at Loud N Proud, Tommy, Connie, and their team can continue to fuel the musical dreams of many disadvantaged children in the area.

Pictured: Tommy McGrory, Founder & Director alongside Connie Terris, Fundraising Manager

Located in The Kerr Building (aptly named after its generous donor), the charity has faced numerous challenges. From the constant need for funding to the monumental task of rebuilding their home after a devastating fire, their resilience is nothing short of remarkable. Tommy's passion reverberates through the building, and we were delighted by the infectious drumming and guitar sessions performed by local school children.

With multiple rooms available and a new podcast suite, Loud N Proud offers room hire, school programs, and lessons on a variety of instruments. Beyond teaching new skills, the charity helps its students grow in confidence and acquire life skills that aren't always accessible at school or within the community.

Tommy proudly shared stories of talented young people who have come through their doors over the past 20 years and have gone on to achieve remarkable careers. After experiencing the warmth and vibrant energy of the place, we are certain of the lasting legacy this charity will leave on many lives.

For more information on this brilliant charity - visit:

Focus Foundation provided a grant of £1,462 for studio equipment – state of the art headphones and microphones.


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